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Oil & Gas Air Charter

Oil & Gas Air Charter

Moving crews and equipment worldwide

Moving oil and gas teams to offshore sites, into emergency situations or into inhospitable areas such as Alaska or Antarctica can be challenging if not handled by an experienced team. Likewise, oil and gas equipment and spare parts often need to be moved quickly to a remote location at a moment’s notice if lost production time is to be avoided.

Flying to remote regions

At The Charter Company our oil and gas air charter specialists have worked with numerous energy industry clients, and so are adept at designing integrated travel plans which also include specialist ground handling and onward transport.

We can arrange long term, regular crew rotation flights into countries where no suitable scheduled service exists. And we will arrange every aspect of these flights from reservations, passenger manifests, check in arrangements to extra security, cargo and special baggage requirements, using aircraft audited and approved by your aviation team.

As well as oil and gas air charters for personnel, we’re experienced in flying unusual and oversize cargos into remote regions where local infrastructure is limited. These include oil and gas exploration and production facilities, construction sites and engineering developments.

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